When my wife suggested that she wanted to use modern cloth nappies my initial response was a gasp, gulp and gag! The thought of having to deal with, well lets be honest... Poop first hand all seemed way to much, what was in stall for us. All our friends are using disposables so I just presumed we would too! However when the facts about disposables were explained to me in further details by my much persuasive wife... I couldn't believe that more people where not (pardon the pun) changing their ways! We have saved thousands of dollars, are doing our bit for the future environment and we could not be happier with our Baby Ryder Nappies!

Tim Scott, PERTH, WA

Baby Ryder Nappies are so easy to use, no hassle to wash and they dry really quickly. They hold everything in with no leakage and the fun colours help keep my baby entertained while I fold them; she loves to help!
We've had ours for 6 months and the colours are as bright as they were when we bought them and nothing has warped or shrunk. Highly recommend these nappies to anyone thinking of making the change to modern cloth nappies

Lauren and Ashton (7 months),

I started using Baby Ryder Reusable Nappies when my son was 6 months old. We were trying to reduce our costs as my fiancé was returning from the mines. I worked out approximately how much it would cost us to continue using disposables compared to a an eco Warrior Pack. After seeing the results I bought a pack straight away and haven't looked back. I now have a 4 month old daughter who has been wearing Baby Ryder nappies since 4 weeks of age.

Sophie Petty, Mandurah WA