Care Instructions

The outer layer is made from laminated fabric (TPU) which is highly resistant, breathable,
durable and comes in great colour and prints.
The inside lining is a stay dry, suede cloth which wicks moisture away from the babies skin and helps their little private bits keep dry.
The microfiber inserts have three layers and collect all moisture and liquids. It is possible to add an extra insert to the nappy, if needed for night time.
The bamboo disposable liners are made from 100% bamboo which has a soft texture, is biodegradable and eco-friendly. The bamboo liners take away the scrubbing and soaking from the old-school terry squares and keep your nappies in pristine condition.

Length; There are 9 snap buttons on the front of the nappy that can be utilised to adjust the length of the nappy. When starting with a newborn baby connect the bottom row of snap buttons to the top row, and this will give you the smallest length. As the child grows, move the buttons lower.
Width; To adjust the width bring both the left and right flaps around to the front and snap buttons together. To achieve the tightest fit, snap the right flap directly onto the left flap.

How to Use:
Place the microfiber insert into the back pocket of the nappy.
Place one bamboo liner inside the nappy, so it will be situated between the baby and the nappy.
When it becomes change time, unsnap the buttons across the front of the nappy and remove nappy from baby.
Dispose of the bamboo liner by flushing into the toilet.
Remove the microfiber liner from the back pocket of the nappy. Rinse and wring if required.

To Wash:
Avoid warm/hot washing and contact with harsh Chemicals.
Wash nappy and microfiber liner in a regular cold wash.
Nappies can either be dried using a warm setting on the dryer, or for best results hang outside in direct sunlight.

Handy Tips:
To keep the shape of the nappy, hang on clothesline in the middle to equal the weight
For night time sleep, place extra microfiber insert between the bamboo disposable liner and the inside liner of nappy. This will give extra absorbency during the night or nap times.
Once the nappy is clean and dry, place the microfiber insert back into nappy, place a bamboo liner on top and fold nappy close. The nappy is ‘ready to go’ for a quick nappy change and a wriggly baby.